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11 Ways To Use Twitter In 2017 To Get More Followers, Site Traffic, And Customers!


Twitter can sometimes be difficult to learn and use for anyone but especially niche websites, businesses, and those who have never used social media. Below are just a few of our tips and tricks to use Twitter a little more effectively in 2017 to get more website traffic, visitors, and customers to your account or website!


Post exclusive content

This is key, and overlooked all to often. Post new original content! Whether it is a news article, blog post or tutorials, infographic or meme, it doesn’t matter! Just provide your audience and customers with something new and relevant to your business or website!

Using Humor or Current Events

Within reason, humor and current events are two of the top original content methods that are the most effective. Combine your site, brand, market, industry, etc with these two and the traffic will find you if you have the right pieces in place to reach them and bring them wherever you want or need them to be!

Bringing Up Your Audience’s Passions

You want your users, audience, or customers to be passionate about your products and what they do with them. Engage with them and get them to share their passions and experiences with your other users!

Include Hashtags and put them to good use

Hashtags are basically keywords or tags for your posted content. Posters of news and current events as well as celebrities use #hashtags, so take a look and take note!

Live Tweeting your markets Industry News, Events, and Conferences

If you are where everyone in your market, industry, or the world wants to be, TELL US ABOUT IT! Nothing gets people hooked like an inside scoop or view!

Creating Visual Masterpieces

Original content, infographics, or just beautiful ads or product pictures. Wow your audience at first glance and pull them into to learn more!

Make it a habit to reciprocate

If someone follows, retweets, comments, etc then you should consider doing something similar in return. It always helps to help others!

Measure performance and statistics

Your efforts will not get you very far if you do not track and analyze what your efforts get you at the end of the day, week, or month! Learn how to read and utilize the stats about your twitter use, and learn who your audience is, when they are most active, and what content they prefer!

Tell your story through your Twitter profile

Tell the world about your site, business, or whatever you are promoting! The first step is a solid profile for your account with some images and all the information anyone could need to find or learn about what you have to offer!

Treat your tweets like a newspaper headline

Short, sweet, and to the point. It is hard at first to stick to the character limit of tweets, but with a little practice and a URL shortening service you will get it rather quickly.

Be active!

Post, interact, engage! Give your audience something to look at and interact with and actively engage your visitors, customers, and audience!

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