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8 Ways To Use and 5 Things to Avoid Using Facebook For Marketing Or Business In 2017

Using Facebook in 2017 is important for any website or business! Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of any Facebook Page or Group!


Customize your page

Look your best by adding all of the information and images you can to your Page and consider adding custom tabs/links to your page to specific areas of your website or web presence!

Post exclusive content

This is key, and overlooked all to often. Post new original content! Whether it is a news article, blog post or tutorials, infographic or meme, it doesn’t matter! Just provide your audience and customers with something new and relevant to your business or website!



Post more than promotional content

Yes you should post some, but only some! Make it as relevant as possible and the least tacky or out of place as you are able. The internet is used to seeing ads and promotions, you need to take that into consideration or get drown out with the rest!


Promote your page and boost your posts

Promoting your page makes sure it reaches more users in the sidebars and with other page recommendations and page ads. Boosting your posts enables you to reach even more of the internet with your posts and make sure they are seen by more people who are likely to like and interact with them!


Engage your fans and be active

Your users will comment and post on your Page or content, and you should do your best to interact and engage with them as much as possible when you are able. It may be a lot of work, but your fans, audience, and customers want to feel welcomed and like they are not just part of the crowd!


Use your page insights and stats

Learn who your audience really is, where they are from, what they like, and when they are most active. Just posting is wasting your efforts if you do not check up and monitor what your followers are doing and when!


Post consistently and be relevant

Once you use your insights to find your audience and what they like and when they are active, you should get into a routine to post as consistently as possible. Try to keep the content relevant to your site, business, market, or industry if you can, but sometimes a good old fashioned joke or story or two is all you need!


Other quick tips

-Try new strategies. Never settle or become complacent, the internet is ever changing!
-Use Facebook as a PR tool and to engage your customers or followers
-Consider the goals for every post before you post them
-Increase your visibility by posting consistently and building an audience

Mistakes to avoid!

-Posting irrelevant, boring, or inappropriate content
-Not putting in the time and effort
-Not using the tools offered by Facebook for your page and business
-Ignoring comments from your users
-Breaking the rules of Facebook

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