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We are all about thinking outside of the box while still maintaining the common standards regardless of the details desired or work required. We can design and develop any website for personal or business use no matter the website or business size! Our work is our art and we love every minute of it! With over a decade of experience with computers and the internet in general, we have gained large amounts of experience in dozens of areas. We can deal with anything from basic PC repairs and upgrades to deploying and maintaining networks and websites of any size. We also offer Graphic Design services for both Web and Printed use as well as many marketing and advertising services!

We strive to help your website, graphics, marketing campaigns, and overall web presence use the internet to your fullest advantage! The internet is a crazy place, save your sanity and let us deal with the insanity for you!

 A little about Wasted Sanity:
  1) Tell me about yourself: I’m a fulltime designer and developer as well as a programmer. I spent most of my life living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but have lived in a number of different places as well. I’m a Serial Entrepreneur and I run a number of websites both in leisure and for other business adventures. I also just applied for my first patent for one of my invention prototypes! My passions include but are absolutely not limited to; learning, technology, the internet, offroading, and exploring abandoned places.I love the last two so much I even started a website to chronicle all of the adventures!

I love abandoned places!

I love abandoned places!

2) What separates you from your competitors? Communication for sure, I work fulltime and will never disappear in the middle of work or even after the work is over! But mainly, I am an all American down to earth individual that enjoys learning new things, conquering tasks, and helping driven people bring extraordinary ideas and businesses to life. Right after I learned how to walk but before I could talk, I found insatiable love for technology. I support and stand by hometown American people as well as their websites and businesses of all sizes and will do whatever is in my power to help support them through the ever changing ways of marketing and business promotion. I’m here to make sure anyone can use the internet to the best of their ability if they choose without paying more than they need to!

  3) What motivates you? A never quenched thirst for knowledge, challenge, money and a desire to always want and be more.

  4) Why should I hire you? My over a decade of experience and plethora of skills and experience with websites and businesses of all sizes allows me to efficiently and quickly conquer any task. Coupled with my willingness to work with any kind of budget from many new and upcoming businesses it ensures my clients get quality work within budget and their deadlines.

  5) Tell me about one of your most challenging experiences? Early in my career I had a lively and upbeat client that described the theme of the website she wanted as “Pink, Brown and Glamorous” and could not elaborate or show me examples. I struggled with that one, but was able to help her build the website she had in mind!

  6) Describe your work environment: I work in a custom Windows x64 environment utilizing mostly open source applications and programs, giving me the ability to work with any file format or environment as needed.

  7) Give me an example of when you had to think outside of the box and went above and beyond: I recently made my own YouTube and Facebook like site from scratch for a large organization. It was a difficult task to say the least!

  8) Two personal accomplishments: Still being able to stay strong and positive through being on my own and homeless a large portion of the time since I was 15 yrs old and my house burning down shortly before Christmas Eve of 2013. I have been able to continue my businesses and have even filed for my first patent recently!

  9) What makes you unique? I’m self taught and an out of the box thinker and worker. I use a lot of custom hand coded elements with the work I provide and I am always a phone call or email away!.

If you have new challenges and projects, contact me! Also, stop by my services page to see what I know and what I have to offer or my website portfolio or graphics portfolio to see some of my recent work!

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