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Absolute Internet Essentials For Any Business In 2017

Today more than ever before, your internet presence is a crucial resource in your business or website toolkit regardless of your business, customers, products, markets, or website. It’s important to pay attention to the ways a lead or customer finds your business and internet presence but also as importantly is that they find the information they need and without a problem! Doing these things is absolutely a crucial “powerplay” for any website or business owner to build a solid foundation for any efforts later whether its marketing, ads, or getting new customers and sales!

1. Solidly Designed And Developed Website – This is mandatory and should not even need negotiated and it helps form over half of the vital foundation necessary to maximize on any business or website efforts in general.

2. Contact Info And Methods – Your hours, phone number, email, products, menu, hours, etc should all be clearly displayed and available including all methods in which you prefer to be contacted like “Call Me Now” buttons or a click to email me link.

3. Your Business Info Listed – Making sure all of your important information and data is shown when it is needed and in ways that work for every user and customer is important! If someone is trying to find you and the information or product they need from your site/business and have trouble finding it, they very well may immediately go somewhere that provides what they need now and now later or with some troubles.

4. Social Media Accounts – Getting your business or website name out there is important! It is also a great idea to give people the ability to find and contact you easily but also like, comment, and submit reviews as quickly as possible and also share everything with their friends and family which only helps you further!

5. Regular Updates – Don’t let your website grow stagnant and unchanged. Google and other search engines frequently check and recheck your site for new content, keywords, news, pictures, etc and giving them new stuff helps get your site listed in search results when people search. A very common one here is the date at the bottom of your site as it is a good indicator that you have not changed your website much if at all.

6. Embrace The Future – Don’t resist technology and the internet. It is not going anywhere and that is certainly a valid fact. Even if you do not need more customers or website users now, that does not mean that you won’t. Definitely make sure that your leads and new customers do not specifically come from a rolodex or word of mouth when the internet is used by nearly all of your customers and users in one way or another and you merely need to reach them and do so before your current methods and systems fail you.

Going The Extra Mile
Here are a few things you can do to further increase the return on any efforts you put forth from above.

Search Engine Optimization
-Keywords, Data, And Links
-Your Own Original Content
-Social Media Engagement
Regular Site And Social Media Updates
-Kick Up Your Marketing And Promotion!

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