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Important SEO strategies to remember in 2016


Dealing with Search Engine Optimization is a long and often difficult and complex process. You have to continuously maintain, check, and reanalyze your traffic and techniques for the most effective and efficient strategy regardless of your industry, market, or brand.

Things to remember about SEO in 2016 and beyond.

Not very long ago, Google changed the ways in which they analyzed and ranked websites for the first major time in a very long time. It is pretty difficult to follow the changes Google makes, but luckily there are a few places that do their best to help people like us keep tabs on the Google Algorithm change history. In a few months they rolled out serious changes to many factors of their search engines, and they shook up the internet world and made a few things more important than they previously were.

-Mobile Responsiveness

Making sure your website works on any screen size no matter the device, and it is especially important now to make sure your website and website applications are mobile friendly and work as well as display properly on mobile platforms. If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will severely cut down on the traffic it serves you!

-Original Content

Having original text and image content has always been important, but it is more important than ever to make sure your website or web presence has properly structured and utilized original content to make sure your website is found by the customers and users you want and need!

-Effective Keywords

Choosing the best fitting and most related keywords for your original content is a sometimes difficult process. The best technique is to think of how your customers or users will find your website and what they will search in order to do so.

-Original and Properly Displayed Images

Having original images surrounded by your own original content with effective keywords is the key to the best website or web presence traffic boost in 2016 and probably far into the future.


Links to your original content on other websites is very important. While the optimization of the internal links on your website matter quite a bit, internal links are not nearly as important as backlinks!

-Meta Data and Schema

Meta is all about describing your web pages making sure Google knows what your content is all about. Schema helps Google know what the important elements on your pages are, from where you are located to what picture is the logo to where your reviews are!

Dealing with Search Engine Optimization is a long and sometimes difficult and complex process, contact us and we will do it for you!


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