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Move your site to the top of Google results in 5 easy steps

This is a frequent and easy to answer question with a relatively straight-forward explanation. There is no secret or even a worthwhile shortcut, hack, or cheat! What it all comes down to in the end are a solid website and routine practices that are easily planned and done with a little thought and ambition. Here is what you need to do no matter your website or business.

1. Solid Mobile Friendly Site – In the era of the internet and smartphones, a substantial amount of new customers and website traffic in general come from the internet and from social media and a surprisingly large amount of them do so with their mobile phones. Make sure that anyone with any device can see and use your website properly and you can never go wrong!

2. Original Content – Content that is useful or helpful and also brand new to the internet is the most under-rated but crucial factors! Google and every other search engine give people search results based on valid and helpful information that is useful or educational. If you cover this, then you can never really lose but merely re-think your methods and strategies.

3. Search Engine Standards – Making sure your website but also your content are all up to Google Standards as well as generally search engine friendly and optimized is important. The titles and links of your pages and posts are important and so are picture and video titles, names, and descriptions. Learn how to make stellar content that’s search engine optimized and maximize on your content creation efforts tenfold.

4. Keywords, Structured Data, and Links – Make it easy and simple for search engines, other sites, and your users/customers to see and use your website and the important info on it. This obviously makes your website more valuable to anyone who uses it and search engines take notice!

5. Monitor Your Statistics – This is important so you can know what works and what doesn’t but also when and how but also so you can see any issues or problems before a customer or site user contacts you about it. See what websites link to yours and what your site users do and where they are and more!

It’s that easy!

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