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Retainer Plans

retainerplans-banner_cropped_1-23-16 We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services available in ongoing and retainer capacities. Our Retainer Packages and Plans are a cost effective way to get the most out of your budget for all of your website, graphic, social media, marketing, and SEO needs all from one local company! We can handle your entire web presence from creating or editing your website and graphics to all of your social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter! Consistency is important to a business’s image and brand and we offer the consistency your web presence needs at affordable prices! Let us use our skills and experience to deal with the hassle while you focus on running your business and living your life! Save your sanity and let us do the hard stuff for you! We also accept BITCOIN and ETHEREUM, just mention it!

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Ongoing Retainer Plans
Site and Server Maintenance Plans
Site Update and Redesign Plans
Custom Website Design and Development Plans
Ecommerce, webstore, and online sales
Graphic design services for web or printed use
Web Presence, Image, and Branding Plans
Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion Services
Content creation, editing, keyword optimization, promotions
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plans
Social Media Plans (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc)
Coaching, Consulting, Strategy meetings
Training, teaching, and tutoring
Contact us with any questions or for a custom plan or solution!

Get ongoing design, development, support, updates, marketing, or whatever you need!
Prioritized responses and services!
Convenience of getting a one stop solution for all of your web presence needs!
Cost effective pricing for any project and budget!
Customized plans and services to fit anyone’s requirements and needs!
Discounted Design & Service Rates!
Regular scheduled phone calls planned to go over issues, work done, statistics, etc.
Piece of mind knowing your web developer is just a phone call or email away!


Weekly Retainer Plans

We also offer many weekly Retainer Plans that ensure you a certain level of service and dedication no matter your weekly budget! Have your own “on call” web design, programming, social and digital marketing, and graphic design departments all in one!


  We also offer a variety of other plans, contact us for more details!

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